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Vulnerable populations, who have difficulty accessing the health care system, primarily receive their medical care from hospitals. Policy makers have struggled to ensure the survival of "safety-net hospitals," hospitals that provide a disproportionate share of care to these patient populations. The objective of this article is to develop measures to guide(More)
OBJECTIVE To explain rural-urban differences in mammography screening by supply of health care services. METHODS Logistic regression models were used to assess whether variation in the supply of health care services related to mammography screening explained rural-urban differences in mammography screening rates. RESULTS Women living in small (thinly(More)
BACKGROUND During the 1990's hospitals in the U.S were faced with cost containment charges, which may have disproportionately impacted hospitals that serve poor patients. The purposes of this paper are to study the impact of safety net activities on total profit margins and operating expenditures, and to trace these relationships over the 1990s for all U.S(More)
This paper evaluates the effect of prescription drug insurance coverage on prescription drug use among the elderly. Estimates were obtained using multivariate regression and a fixed-effects (within-person) research design that controls for unmeasured person-specific effects that may confound the relationships of interest. Estimates showed prescription drug(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the effect of prescription drug insurance on health, as measured by self-reported poor health status, functional disability, and hospitalization among the elderly. DATA Analyses are based on a nationally representative sample of noninstitutionalized elderly (≥65 years of age) from the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) for(More)
This article studies factors of safety-net hospitals that affect contracting with managed-care organizations. Web-based data were used to identify the hospital networks of managed-care plans in 71 metropolitan statistical areas. We collected lists of hospitals from a national sample of managed-care plans. After combining these data with hospital,(More)
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