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Polyamines, ubiquitous organic aliphatic cations, have been implicated in a myriad of physiological and developmental processes in many organisms, but their in vivo functions remain to be determined. We expressed a yeast S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase gene (ySAMdc; Spe2) fused with a ripening-inducible E8 promoter to specifically increase levels of the(More)
Adrian mole lives in multicultural, multi-faith post-colonial Britain, a Britain in which diversity in all its various shapes and forms is almost taken for granted. However, his confrontation with the possibility of prostate cancer reinforces what we know about White men’s relationship to serious illness in general and to prostate cancer in particular. We(More)
HIV/AIDS is one of the most important public health challenges facing Nigeria today. Recent evidence has revealed that the adolescent population make up a large proportion of the 3.7% reported prevalence rate among Nigerians aged 15-49 years. School-based sexual health education has therefore become an important tool towards fighting this problem. This(More)
BACKGROUND There is a political drive in the UK to use assistive technologies such as telehealth and telecare as an innovative and efficient approach to healthcare delivery. However, the success of implementation of such services remains dependent on the ability to engage the wider population to adopt these services. It has been widely acknowledged that low(More)
BACKGROUND Disparity exists in maternal and infant birth outcomes of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women giving birth in the United Kingdom (UK) compared to the majority. There is therefore a need to reconsider existing maternity service provision to ensure culturally competent services. The purpose of this scoping review was to ascertain what specific(More)
This is a qualitative study exploring the perceptions of members from the Pakistani/Kashmiri community living in Luton, UK, on the adverse health risks associated with consanguineous marriages. Rates of stillbirths and infant mortality are higher than the national average in Luton and the existing evidence base suggests that these higher rates may be(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare mean birth weights and gestational age at delivery of infants born to Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and white British mothers in Luton, UK. DESIGN Retrospective analysis using routinely recorded secondary data in Ciconia Maternity information System, between 2008 and 2013. SETTING Luton, UK. PARTICIPANTS Mothers whose ethnicity(More)
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United Kingdom (UK) accounting for about 15% of cancer deaths. The National Breast Cancer Screening Programme in the UK was introduced in 1988 to assist with early detection and better management of breast cancer. Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women however have a low uptake of the National Breast(More)
BACKGROUND NHS Direct, introduced in 1998, has provided 24/7 telephone-based healthcare advice and information to the public in England and Wales. National studies have suggested variation in the uptake of this service amongst the UK's diverse population. This study provides the first exploration of the barriers and facilitators that impact upon the uptake(More)
BACKGROUND The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has seen an increase in chronic diseases. International evidence suggests that early intervention is the best approach to reduce the burden of chronic disease. However, the limited research available suggests that health care access remains unequal, with rural populations having the poorest access to and(More)