Nasiruddin Ahmed

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This paper investigates the behaviour of Indian aggregate imports during the period 1971-1995. In our empirical analysis of the aggregate import demand function for India, cointegration and error correction modelling approaches have been used. In the aggregate import demand function for India, import volume is found to be cointegrated with relative import(More)
In this paper we present a brief review of some important results on weak compactness in the space of vector valued measures. We also review some recent results of the author on weak compactness of any set of operator valued measures. These results are then applied to optimal structural feedback control for deterministic systems on infinite dimensional(More)
AIM The primary objective of the present study is to determine the commonness of filarial parasites in donkeys in Egypt, identification of the filarial species tainting them and the delivered pathogenic impact connected with the infestation. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 188 donkeys were examined for filarial infection. The blood samples and scraping(More)
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