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To determine if Alzheimer's disease (AD), its Lewy body (LB) variant (LBV), and diffuse LB disease (DLBD) are distinguishable at initial clinical evaluation, data from autopsy-confirmed AD, LBV, and DLBD were examined. No significant differences were found in age at onset, age at death, total duration of illness, duration of illness before initial visit,(More)
BACKGROUND DNA ploidy analysis has been investigated as a prognostic indicator in prostate cancer. Most of the data is derived from retrospective studies using paraffin-embedded tissue. This method has drawbacks related to the quality of DNA histograms and uncontrolled data collection. METHODS DNA ploidy analysis of freshly resected prostatic tissue was(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear if a circumferential cryocoagulation 4 weeks before pars plana vitrectomy is useful for reducing the risks of surgery such as retinal detachment, secondary glaucomas or rebleeding. Otherwise it seems possible that this surgery itself, done in local anaesthesia, could be an additional risk. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively(More)
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