Nasir Touheed

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Social media platforms have become a forum for giving a voice to the masses with a significant proportion of those masses coming from the developing world. This was largely evidenced through the significant role played by social media platforms in the recent uprisings in the Arab world. In this paper, we take up a study of social media engagement patterns(More)
This paper presents an introduction to writing parallel nite element programs using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library. It is assumed that the reader has a working knowledge of the nite element method but has little or no prior experience with parallel computing. Hence the paper begins with a short review of some of the key concepts in parallel(More)
VoIP is a technology in great demand these days. Its interactive nature makes it very appealing for users and today it is one of the most dominant technologies for communication. With the growth over wireless networks the option to have voice communication over wireless has been considered the choices are VoIP over WiFi or VoIP over WiMax. This paper(More)
Web 2.0 technologies have given birth to the blogosphere, which is an information sharing medium by the users for the users. Furthermore, these technologies have also expanded the search problem to a new form of search known as blog search. Similar to Web search, blog search has been affected by spam which affects the quality of search results. This paper(More)
In this paper we contrast the performance of three different parallel dynamic load-balancing algorithms when used in conjunction with a particular parallel, adaptive, time-dependent, 3-d ow solver that has recently been developed at Leeds. An overview of this adaptive solver is given along with a description of a new dynamic load-balancing algorithm. The(More)
Many adaptive techniques for the solution of both steady and time-dependent PDEs rely on a hierarchy of meshes: starting with a coarse global mesh and reening this by diierent amounts in diierent regions. Since this reenement (or de-reenement) is part of the solution process it is necessary to dynamically alter the way in which the mesh is partitioned if a(More)
This paper considers a new parallel dynamic load-balancing algorithm which has been developed for use in conjunction with an unstructured tetrahedral parallel adaptive solver for transient ow problems. It begins with a brief description of the 3-d adaptivity algorithm followed by a discussion of the load-balancing problem. The practical load-balancing(More)
It is often the case that traditional media provide coverage of a news event on the basis of journalists' viewpoints -- a problem termed in the literature as media bias. On the other hand social media have given birth to an alternative paradigm of journalism known as "citizen journalism". We take advantage of citizen journalism to detect the bias in(More)
The blogosphere is a huge collaboratively constructed resource containing diverse and rich information. This diversity and richness presents a significant research challenge to the Information Retrieval community. This paper addresses this challenge by proposing a method for identification of “topic clusters” within the blogosphere where topic clusters(More)