Nasir Mohyuddin

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A gate level probabilistic error propagation model is presented which takes as input the Boolean function of the gate, the signal and error probabilities of the gate inputs, and the gate error probability and produces the error probability at the output of the gate. The presented model uses the Boolean difference calculus and can be applied to the problem(More)
As technology scales down at an exponential rate, leakage power is fast becoming the dominant component of the total power budget. A large share of the total leakage power is dissipated in the cache hierarchy. To reduce cache leakage, individual cache lines can be kept in drowsy mode, a low voltage, low leakage state. Every cache access may then result in(More)
In this paper we present deterministic clock gating schemes for various micro architectural blocks of a modern out-of-order superscalar processor. We propose to make use of 1) idle stages of the pipelined function units (FUs) and 2) wrong-path instruction execution during branch mis-prediction, in order to clock gate various stages of FUs. The baseline(More)
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