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hypothesis testing DFRWS carving challenge a b s t r a c t File carving is a technique whereby data files are extracted from a digital device without the assistance of file tables or other disk meta-data. One of the primary challenges in file carving can be found in attempting to recover files that are fragmented. In this paper, we show how detecting the(More)
With the increasing sophistication of attacks, there is a need for network security monitoring systems that store and examine very large amounts of historical network flow data. An efficient storage infrastructure should provide both high insertion rates and fast data access. Traditional row-oriented Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) provide(More)
Digital Forensic Analyst encounters a mixed file fragments in the absence of File Table information i. e. , files' metadata. File Carving is a process of reconstructing files from mixed file fragments without using files' metadata. File Carving is an interesting and challenging problem in digital forensics and Data Recovery. Recently there have(More)