Nasir H Rizvi

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OBJECTIVE Establishing time of onset is important in acute stroke management. Current imaging modalities do not allow determination of stroke onset time. Although correlations between sodium magnetic resonance imaging signal intensity within ischemic lesions and time of onset have been shown in animal models, the relation to onset time has not been(More)
Diffusion anisotropy changes in stroke lesions less than 24 h after onset have been reported to be elevated, decreased, or both. To address these mixed findings, we sought to characterize temporal changes of diffusion anisotropy by analyzing anatomically distinct ischemic white matter (WM) regions at 3 time phases within the first 34 h of ischemic stroke(More)
The pattern of neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease (HD) is very characteristic of regional locations as well as that of neuronal types in striatum. The different striatal neuronal populations demonstrate different degree of degeneration in response to various pathological events in HD. In the striatum, medium spiny GABA neurons (MSN) are(More)
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