Nasir Ali Jafri

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Partial reconfiguration has opened the door to efficient implementation of large applications on area constrained hardware. I t requires a divide and mapping technique through which large applications are divided and mapped on reconfigurable hardware. In this paper a technique is proposed for dividing the application taking into account implementation and(More)
A method is proposed for compression of medical images. The approach is called DLC2 (Diagnostically Lossless Compression-2). To get lossless effect, we use lossy coding followed by error image coding. An NNVQ (Neural Network Vector Quantizer) is used for lossy compression and Huffman coding is used to code the difference image losslessly. It is an spatial(More)
BACKGROUND Acute myocardial infarction is one of the leading causes of death in the elderly, however clinical data reveals a disproportionately lower use of thrombolytics because of fear of complications especially intracranial haemorrhage. Our objective was to evaluate the safety of most commonly used thrombolytic streptokinase in elderly patients(More)
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