Nasir Abdul Quadir

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This paper presents a 10 Gb/s burst-mode receiver (BMRx) that was designed to have high linearity over a dB (optical power) dynamic range. Such a linear BMRx (LBMRx) enables electronic dispersion compensation or multilevel modulation formats in bursty optical links. The LBMRx consists of a variable-gain transimpedance amplifier and a variable-gain(More)
This paper<sup>1</sup> presents a linear optical receiver designed using a 28nm CMOS technology suitable for 20Gbaud/s (40Gb/s) PAM-4 modulation. The optical receiver consists of a transimpedance amplifier (gain adjustable from 40dB&#x03A9; to 56dBO) followed by a variable gain amplifier (gain adjustable from 6dB to 17dB). Capacitive peaking is used to(More)
We present a multi-modulus frequency divider based upon novel dual-modulus 4/5 and 2/3 true single-phase clocked (TSPC) prescalers. High-speed and low-power operation was achieved by merging the combinatorial counter logic with the flip-flop stages and removing circuit nodes at the expense of allowing a small short-circuit current during a short fraction of(More)
This paper presents a low power wireless capacitive based CMOS humidity sensor to be used in Internet of Things (IoT)applications, powered through inductive coupling. The sensing element is implemented in standard CMOS technology with minimum post processing step. This sensor is based on the detection of change in frequency due to the change in humidity(More)
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