Nasimul Hasan

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Rainfall prediction is a very important part of weather forecasting. In countries like Bangladesh; which has several seasons a year, rainfall prediction is really a key factor for many sectors. Rainfall data is a time series data and it changes time to time as climate and season changes. Moreover, rainfall depends on several factors as flow of wind,(More)
Nowadays, Demand of forecasting stock market price is increasing at a higher rate than the ever before as more people are getting connected to the stock business. Many criteria play more or less strong inductive role over the stock market, the trend and price always keep changing here. So, it is challenging to predict exact price value. But some Data mining(More)
Weather forecasting has numerous impacts in our daily life from cultivation to event planning. Previous weather forecasting models used the complicated blend of mathematical instruments which was insufficient in order to get higher classification rate. In contrast, simple analytical models are well-suited for weather forecasting tasks. In this work, we(More)
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