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The prevalence, intensity and morpho-variants of new species of haemosporida (Haemoproteus and Plasmodium) from the rock pigeon, Columba livia are described and illustrated for the first time from Uttar Pradesh state of India. Thin blood smears from 266 C. livia indicated 55.63% (Haemoproteus) and 6.76% (Plasmodium) prevalence and 1-6 pars/100 RBC's(More)
During 39 months of sampling, the prevalence of apicomplexan parasites (Haemoproteus and Plasmodium) was studied in Columba livia Gmelin of Rohilkhand region, UP, India, according to the sex of the host, different seasons and host localities. Out of 266 pigeons sampled, 148 pigeons were positive for Haemoproteus at a prevalence of 55.63%. Only 18 pigeons(More)
Backgroud: Liver is continuously exposed to a variety of toxic agents like drugs and chemicals that may interfere with hepatic function and may cause hepatic damage. Oyster mushroom is excellently edible, nutritious and has got free radical scavenging activity, thereby may be considered as hepatoprotective agent. Objective: To observe the effect of Oyster(More)
OBJECTIVES Substance use disorders have become a major public health problem in Bangladesh. We sought to assess the pattern of substance use and related factors among hospitalized patients. METHODS This was a descriptive study that included 105 patients. All patients who were admitted to a private drug de-addiction clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh, between 1(More)
Background: Osteoporosis in both surgical and natural menopausal women are common health hazards all over the world. And the surgical menopausal women may have the greater chance of this disorder than those of natural menopausal women. Objective: To observe osteoporotic changes in both surgical and natural menopausal women in Bangladesh. Method: This Cross(More)
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