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Target-controlled infusion (TCI) system is increasingly used in anesthesia to control the concentration of selected drugs in the plasma or at the site of drug effect (effect-site). The performance of propofol TCI delivery when combined with remifentanil in patients undergoing elective surgeries has been investigated. Our aim in this study was to assess the(More)
INRODUCTION Bispectral Index is an objective tool to assess electroencephalographic activity and measure the effect of certain sedatives and hypnotics on the brain. In addition, there are certain subjective tools such as the observer's assessment of alertness and sedation which are used. The correlation between BIS and the concentration of propofol in the(More)
BACKGROUND Maintaining blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) after laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation has always been a concern in injured patients. Opioids can attenuate or stop an increase in these two parameters if administered with proper doses or targets in target-controlled infusion (TCI). Remifentanil and sufentanil are widely used for this(More)
A Ground Round Traumatic injuries in pregnant women: anesthesiology aspects mong the most common predisposing factors that increase the anesthetic-related risks in the management of traumatic injuries are; patients presenting with depressed level of consciousness, full stomach, hypother-mia, major blood loss, and screening positive for alcohol or drug(More)
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