Naser Nematbakhsh

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Web services are self-contained, modular units of application logic which provide business functionality to other applications via Internet connections. Several models have been used to compose Web services which are mainly served at specification level and provide static data dependent coordination processes. Hence they can not support reconfigurable(More)
With an expanding of Web services giving same functionalities, Quality of Service (QoS) is becoming an important criterion for selection of the best available service. So users need to know QoS information and the reliability of this information .This article presents a new model of reputation improved Web services discovery considering the quality of(More)
In Iran like many other countries, the categorization of postal envelopes is executed manually , mostly based on the handwritten addresses and zip codes. That process is still slow and prone to man-made errors. Therefore, having an automated, accurate and efficient system to recognize handwritten zip codes is of high necessity for a faster and easier(More)
Our everyday lives and specially our social transactions require various types of coordination that incorporate decision making process within a dynamic uncertain environment under multiple constraints. Cooperation between members is an important coordination task which aims to maximize the overall utility. Rescue systems are good examples of these systems(More)
One of the important issues in computer networks is " Load Balancing " which leads to efficient use of the network resources. To achieve a balanced network it is necessary to find different routes between the source and destination. In the current paper we propose a new approach to find different routes using swarm intelligence techniques and multi colony(More)