Naser Mehrabi

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— Nowadays many automobile manufacturers are switching to Electric Power Steering (EPS) for its advantages on performance and cost. In this paper, a mathematical model of a column type EPS system is established, and its state-space expression is constructed. Then three different control methods are implemented and performance, robustness and disturbance(More)
This paper presents a new model-based method to define muscle synergies. Unlike the conventional factorization approach, which extracts synergies from electromyographic data, the proposed method employs a biomechanical model and formally defines the synergies as the solution of an optimal control problem. As a result, the number of required synergies is(More)
The aim of this work is the creation of a realistic driver model to help develop new technologies to aid drivers in the execution of their driving tasks. A realistic driver model can reduce the time-consuming trial and error process of designing products, and thereby reduce the vehicle's development time and cost. The overall goal of this research is to(More)
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