Naser M. Ahmed

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BACKGROUND To date, there is only weak evidence for the superiority of any interventions over placebo for the palliation of symptomatic oral lichen planus (LP). Further research involving large placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials is needed. These will require carefully selected and standardized outcome measures. OBJECTIVES To formulate a(More)
In this study, porous silicon (PSi) was prepared and tested as an extended gate field-effect transistor (EGFET) for pH sensing. The prepared PSi has pore sizes in the range of 500 to 750 nm with a depth of approximately 42 µm. The results of testing PSi for hydrogen ion sensing in different pH buffer solutions reveal that the PSi has a sensitivity value of(More)
Low-level laser irradiation (LLLI) has various effects on cultured human lymphocytes in vitro, but little is known about such effects in whole blood. This study investigated whether LLLI affected lymphocyte count in human whole blood in vitro. A total number of 130 blood samples were collected from apparently healthy adult patients through venipuncture into(More)
The study of human blood by laser is beneficial because of its availability, and physiological importance. This study is conducted to investigate the effects of low level laser (LLL) doses on human red blood cells. The effects of exposure to yellow low level laser (X = 589 nm) on human blood are observed. A 10 mW laser was used for irradiation with a(More)
This study is designed to investigate in vitro low-level laser (LLL) effects on rheological parameter, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), of human blood. The interaction mechanism between LLL radiation and blood is unclear. Therefore, research addresses the effects of LLL irradiation on human blood and this is essential to understanding how laser(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is frustrating for both patients and doctors. Mesotherapy is a novel treatment for hair fall and its efficacy in FPHL has not been evaluated. OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of mesotherapy using dutasteride-containing preparation in treatment of FPHL. METHODS This study included 126(More)
We report on the effect of the aspect ratio of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods (NRs) prepared by the hydrothermal process. It was found that increasing the precursor molar amount resulted in the decrease of the aspect ratio of ZnO NRs. Furthermore, the aspect ratios showed a significant effect on the structural and optical properties of the prepared ZnO NRs. The(More)
Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is usually associated with polycythemia. It is assumed that systemic inflammatory components of COPD can interfere with erythropoietin and can result in anemia of chronic disease which will impair the functional capacity of these patients and also increase morbidity and mortality. Objective: To(More)
Effect of laser intensity on the characteristics of gold nano-particles produced by laser ablation method is investigated experimentally. Three samples of gold nano-particles were synthesized by nanosecond pulsed laser ablation of a high purity gold plate saline solutions. Our experiments indicate that this is due to harsh of the anions with Na+ cations in(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to investigate the effects of low-level laser (LLL) doses on human red blood cell volume. The effects of exposure to a diode pump solid state (DPSS) (λ = 405 nm) laser were observed. BACKGROUND DATA The response of human blood to LLL irradiation gives important information about the mechanism of interaction of laser(More)