Naser Hamdi

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This paper describes the optimization of designing a two-dimensional (2-D) ultrasound phased array to be used for the treatment of both prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The optimization study took into consideration the physical constraints of the conventional method of treatment, and arrived at an optimized array design with the overall(More)
We describe the selective measurement of extracellular glutamate concentration in rodent brain using ceramic-based platinum microelectrode arrays (MEAs) coated with electropolymerized, over-oxidized polypyrrole (OPP) as a permselective barrier to interference from dopamine and ascorbate. OPP-coated MEAs displayed similar sensitivity (97 +/- 9 nA microM(-1)(More)
The effective maintenance management of medical technology influences the quality of care delivered and the profitability of healthcare facilities. Medical equipment maintenance in Jordan lacks an objective prioritization system; consequently, the system is not sensitive to the impact of equipment downtime on patient morbidity and mortality. The current(More)
In this study, the potential use of Palm Tree Leaf (PTL) particles for the removal of copper ions from aqueous solution was investigated. The effects of shaking time, Cu concentration and equilibrium pH on the biosorption of copper ions from aqueous solution were studied. Batch biosorption experiments proved the technical feasibility of using PTL particles(More)
This paper presents an implementation of a practical and low-cost hardware-based control system for multifunctional myoelectric hand prostheses. The model utilizes a mode-switching technique in order to voluntarily control the operation of a dual-mode prosthetic device in two degrees of freedom: grasp/release and pronation/supination. This system was(More)
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