Naser Alajmi

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Security breaches are a major threat in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). WSNs are increasingly used due to their broad range of important applications in both military and civilian domains. WSNs are prone to several types of security attacks. Sensor nodes have limited capacities and are often deployed in dangerous locations; therefore, they are vulnerable(More)
A few years ago, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) used by only military. Now, we have seen many of organizations use WSNs for some purposes such as weather, pollution, traffic control, and healthcare. Security is becoming on these days a major concern for wireless sensor network. In this paper I focus on the security types of attacks and their detection.(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are susceptible to most security attacks. There are some limitations such as reliability, energy efficiency, and scalability, which affect sensor nodes. These limitations mostly affect the security of wireless networks. Also, limited capacity of sensor nodes accounts for the security attacks on WSNs. Applications such as(More)
The potential use of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in many technological situations is extensive. WSNs are employed in numerous areas, such as battlefields, traffic surveillance, healthcare, and environmental monitoring. Many studies have been conducted to improve various aspects of the performance of WSNs, such as energy efficiency, quality of service(More)
Security is the critical subject in wireless sensor networks. Therefore, WSNs are susceptible to several types of security attacks. One reason to attack sensor networks is the limited capacity of sensor nodes. The security attacks could affect the most significant applications in WSNs area such as military surveillance, traffic monitor, and healthcare.(More)
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