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We investigated the effects of salinity and artificial UV radiation on the accumulation of mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) in sexual and parthenogenetic Artemia from Lake Urmia. The nauplii hatched from the cysts were cultured until adulthood under two salinities (150 and 250 g L(-1) ) and two light treatments (PAR and PAR+UVR) in the laboratory.(More)
Silvery-black porgy (Sparidentex hasta) is recognized as one of the most promising fish species for aquaculture diversification in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea regions. In this regard, S. hasta has received considerable attention, and nutritional studies focused on establishing the nutritional requirements for improving diet formulation have been(More)
An 8-week feeding experiment was conducted in juvenile silvery-black porgy (Sparidentex hasta) (initial mean weight 20.1 ± 0.1 g, mean ± SD) to estimate the optimum dietary docosahexaenoic to eicosapentaenoic acid (DHA/EPA) ratio. Triplicate groups of fish (12 fish in each replicate) were kept into 15 cylindrical polyethylene tanks (250 L) at 18.7 °C and(More)
NMR-based metabolomics was applied to explore metabolic impacts of diazinon on sea water adaptation of Persian sturgeon fingerlings, Acipenser persicus. Fingerlings were exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of diazinon in freshwater (FW) for 96 h (short-term trial) and 12 days (long-term trial) and then exposed in brackish water (BW) (12 mg L-1 salinity)(More)
Zinc (Zn) is an essential trace element in all living organisms, and the first eukaryotic Zn uptake transporter was discovered in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Zinc-enriched yeast is a currently available Zn supplement. The purpose of the investigation was to compare and evaluate the effect of Zn enriched yeast in rainbow trout. The fish (mean body(More)
Sobaity sea bream (Sparidentex hasta) is distributed in the Western Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. For monitoring health status in this species in an aquaculture condition, standard reference values for haematological and plasma biochemical parameters are indispensable. Heparinized blood samples were collected from 143 healthy sobaity sea bream(More)
To replenish the depleting populations of sturgeon fishes especially Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus in the Caspian Sea, millions of Persian sturgeon fingerlings are farmed through artificial propagation and released into the Iranian river estuaries annually. Fish osmoregulation is a vital physiological process that can be affected during the release.(More)
BACKGROUND The problem of lipid oxidation in fish during storage is well known and is related to both temperature and storage time. Antioxidants could have a main role in limiting the deteriorative effects of lipid oxidation in fish. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of dietary supplement against postmortem addition of lycopene on the(More)
Branchinecta orientalis is a fairy shrimp endemic to the Palearctic region, from Mongolia to Spain. The patchy nature of its habitat is thought to result in a high degree of subdivision among populations, potentially promoting speciation. We combined morphometric characteristics with molecular phylogeny of cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) to test whether B.(More)