Narváez Salazar

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During the past three decades almost half of the existing natural tropical forests in Thailand were destroyed and replaced by cash crops, rubber, coffee, fruit orchards (durian, rambutan, mangosteen) and other commercial plantations. In order to determine the proportion of malaria cases contracted from such commercial plantations, an epidemiological study(More)
In endemic areas in the absence of microscopy, the WHO case definition of malaria is the presence or a history of fever without other obvious cause. Yet there is little empirical evidence on the accuracy, predictability and reliability of clinical signs and symptoms for diagnosing malaria within different endemic settings. Studying patients in endemic(More)
Clinical trials on oral clindamycin as an antimalarial in hospitalized patients and residents of endemic communities were conducted in the Philippines between May 1984 and December 1985. Seven and 9 qualified subjects in hospital were treated with 300 mg (regimen A) and 600 mg (regimen B) respectively, twice daily for 5 days. Eighteen patients seen at a(More)
The vectorial importance of known and potential vectors in Morong, Bataan, Philippines was assessed based on human and animal baited collections of adult mosquitoes and on larval collections. Anopheles flavirostris, the principal vector in the Philippines, was the most abundant among human landing catches, followed by An. maculatus sensu lato (s.l.). Both(More)
This study is an initial attempt to apply disease mapping through Geographical Information System (GIS) with multiple regression analysis to determine the nature and extent of factors influencing malaria transmission in Yunnan Province, PR China, particularly in border areas. Secondary county-based data covering the period 1990 to 1996 were collected and(More)
A malaria study area in the Philippines is described. It consists of the municipality of Morong, Bataan on the Island of Luzon. In January 1992, the population was 19454 in 106 villages located on a narrow coastal plain, or in valleys of streams running from the mountainous interior. This is an area of low level but persistent seasonal transmission of(More)
Malaria in Morong, Bataan, The Philippines, a municipality with relatively low level, but stable malaria is associated with small foci of relatively high endemicity. Although there is little association between age and symptomatic malaria, there is a reservoir of asymptomatic cases which are present throughout the year. Risk analysis suggests that the(More)