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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of weighted jump squat training with and without eccentric braking. Twenty male subjects were divided into two groups (n = 10 per group), Non-Braking Group and Braking Group. The subjects were physically active, but not highly trained. The program for Non-Braking Group consisted of 6 sets of 6(More)
Force platforms are used extensively to measure force and power output during countermovement jump (CMJ). The purpose of this study was to examine measurement reliability and validity of commonly used performance measurements derived from ground reaction force (GRF)-time data during CMJ and the influence of sampling at different frequencies. Twenty-four men(More)
The primary purpose of this study was to investigate whether the athlete who has high performance in hang power clean, a common weightlifting exercise, has high performances in sprinting, jumping, and changing of direction (COD). As the secondary purpose, relationships between hang power clean performance, maximum strength, power and performance of jumping,(More)
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