Narugopal Ghata

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The aim of the investigation was to study the effects of ACTH 1-17 on both plasma cortisol and urinary 17-OHCS in health adult young males with regard to the time (clock hours) at which this polypeptide was injected. Eight healthy adults (males from 18-30 years) volunteered for the study. They were synchronized with a diurnal activity from 0700 to 0000 and(More)
We report the development and validation of an intravascular rotary catheter for bimodal interrogation of arterial pathologies. This is based on a point-spectroscopy scanning time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy technique enabling reconstruction of fluorescence lifetime images (FLIm) and providing information on arterial intima composition and(More)
Optical techniques including fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy have demonstrated potential as a tool for study and diagnosis of arterial vessel pathologies. However, their application in the intravascular diagnostic procedures has been hampered by the presence of blood hemoglobin that affects the light delivery to and the collection from the vessel wall.(More)
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