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The modeling and solving the optimization problem is one of the most important daily problem.By notation the nature of data in practice which are imprecise, fully fuzzy linear programming problem (FFLP) is a power full tool to modeling the practical optimization problem. In This paper after introducing FFLP, a new method to solve it is proposed. a linear(More)
The aim of this paper is to extend the TOPSIS method for decision-making problems with Fuzzy data. By this extension of TOPSIS method, an algorithm for determining the most preferable choice among all possible choices in the case of fuzzy data is presented. To illustrate the performance of the proposed algorithm, a decision-making problem is solved at the(More)
In this paper, a numerical method for solving fuzzy Fred-holm integral equations of the second kind is introduced. We apply the trapezoidal rule to compute the Riemann integrals.This kind of integral equations convert to a linear system. Then, by solving the linear system , unknowns are determined. Finally, an algorithm is presented to solve the fuzzy(More)
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