Narsinh L. Thakur

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Marine organisms especially those that live sessile, as sponges, are well known to have specific relationships with a great variety of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. As most simple metazoan phylum, the Porifera, which emerged first during the transition from the non-Metazoa to the Metazoa from the common ancestor, comprise wide arrays of(More)
Availability of suitable substratum is often a limiting factor for sessile organisms. We studied growth and regeneration of golf ball sponge Cinachyrella cf. cavernosa with and without its aggressive neighbour, soft coral (Zoanthus sansibaricus) in rocky intertidal area of Anjuna (Goa), India to understand impact of spatial competition on these life-history(More)
Inflammation is mediated by a variety of soluble factors, including a group of secreted polypeptides known as cytokines. The anti-inflammatory cytokines are a series of immune regulatory molecules that control the pro inflammatory cytokine response. Cytokines act in concert with specific cytokine inhibitors and soluble cytokine receptors to regulate the(More)
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