Narit Pidokrajt

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The Hessian of either the entropy or the energy function can be regarded as a metric on a Gibbs surface. For two parameter families of asymptotically flat black holes in arbitrary dimension one or the other of these metrics are flat, and the state space is a flat wedge. The mathematical reason for this is traced back to the scale invariance of the(More)
In 3+1 dimensions there are anti-de Sitter quotients which are black holes with toroidal event horizons. By analytic continuation of the Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter solution (and appropriate identifications) one finds two one parameter families of spacetimes that contain these quotient black holes. One of these families consists of B-metrics (" bubbles of(More)
The Ruppeiner metric as determined by the Hessian of the Gibbs surface provides a geometric description of thermodynamic systems in equilibrium. An interesting example is a black hole in equilibrium with its own Hawking radiation. In this article, we present results from the Ruppeiner study of various black hole families from different gravity theories e.g.(More)
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