Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter

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The purpose of this study was to create a model for examining the relationships between computer-mediated-communication (CMC) apprehension, CMC skill, and CMC presence. Using structural-equation modeling, the study found that CMC apprehension and CMC skill negatively corelated with each other (À.36). Furthermore, CMC apprehension was not shown to relate to(More)
This study analyzed affectionate communication and satisfaction in marital and dating relationships. 100 married and dating partners completed the Relationship Satisfaction Scale, the Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction Inventory, and the Affectionate Communication Index. Analysis indicated both married and dating partners were satisfied with their(More)
AbstrAct With the proliferation of information technology and its saturation within homes, classrooms, and organizations, the traditional landscape of mentor-ing relationships is quickly becoming a faceless phenomenon. Virtual mentoring is rapidly being the more preferred way to initiate mentor and pro-tégé relationships because of constraints that prevent(More)
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