Narisetti Sundar Raju

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Cephalograms taken in the Natural Head Position (NHP), and related to the true vertical and the true horizontal reference planes should logically replace the planes used in conventional cephalometry. This has not happened because of the difficulties in radiographically recording the NHP. This paper presents a modified approach to capture the true vertical(More)
We report the measurement of optical transport parameters of pathologically characterized malignant tissues, normal tissues, and different types of benign tumors of the human breast in the visible wavelength region. A spatially resolved steady-state diffuse fluorescence reflectance technique was used to estimate the values for the reduced-scattering(More)
In this work it is proposed to provide proper nutrition to soil, which is very essential for satisfactory crop growth and production. The use of soil tests can help us to determine the status of available nutrients in soil, this paper aims at calculating required amount of NPK fertilizers for soil accordingly NPK levels actually found during soil test.(More)
The study has been focused on the investigation on ground nut (Arachis hypogea) fields influenced by sewage water. Sewage water sampled in and around Mysore city and analyzed forphysicochemical parameters. Different concentrations such as 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 70 and 100% of sewage water on seed germination and vigour index of Arachis hypogea verities such as(More)
  • N S Raju
  • 1989
The role of A.C. IOL in modern implant surgery has become somewhat debatable, since, the choice procedure to day is undoubtedly an ECCE with a PC lens implant preferably in the capsular bag. Even so, anterior chamber lens implantation has its definite indications. As such it is necessary for the implant surgeon to be familiar with the latest technique in(More)
The present study was focused on the microbial community of soil collected from industrial areas of Mysore district. The collected soil samples from industrial areas were analyzed for pH, Temperature, Electrical conductivity, Moisture content, Water holding capacity and heavy metal analysis such as Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Nickel (Ni), Chromium(More)
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