Nariman Fouladinejad

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This paper focuses on the development of a virtual driving environment for a real-time driving simulation (DS) to be integrated with other simulator components. The integration between database of driving environment and other driving simulation elements is useful for wide ranges of experiments and investigations related to vehicle simulation. To have a(More)
Driving simulators are practical simulation tools in studying vehicle behavior and driver reaction in a safe and controllable condition. The development of a real time driving simulator evolves into complex highly integrated and interdependent systems that require vast amount of computer memory and computational time. This paper provides a study of(More)
This paper will discuss the algorithm to be implemented in the simulation of traffic flow system with the presence of the intelligent vehicles inside a microscopic traffic flow. This is possible with the introduction of the Behavior Sector to set various driving behavior of the virtual intelligent vehicles. The Behavior Sector consists of five different(More)
The development of a real-time driving simulator involves highly complex integrated and interdependent subsystems that require a large amount of computational time. When advanced hardware is unavailable for economic reasons, achieving real-time simulation is challenging, and thus delays are inevitable. Moreover, computational delays in the response of(More)
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