Nariaki Iwasawa

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We have investigated the DNA cleaving properties of calicheamicinone, the synthetic core aglycone of calicheamicin gamma I1, a natural product with extremely potent antitumor activity. Our experiments have shown that the synthetic analog binds and cleaves DNA, albeit without any sequence selectivity and with less efficiency than the natural compound. We(More)
Regulation of axon growth, guidance, and branching is essential for constructing a correct neuronal network. R-Ras, a Ras-family small GTPase, has essential roles in axon formation and guidance. During axon formation, R-Ras activates a series of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling, inducing activation of a microtubule-assembly promoter-collapsin(More)
Precise wiring patterns of axons are among the remarkable features of neuronal circuit formation, and establishment of the proper neuronal network requires control of outgrowth, branching, and guidance of axons. R-Ras is a Ras-family small GTPase that has essential roles in multiple phases of axonal development. We recently identified afadin, an(More)
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