Nari Michelle Williams

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Red needle cast, a new foliage disease of Pinus radiata in New Zealand is described. The disease has been variable in incidence and severity both regionally and in different years. The early symptoms of discrete olive coloured lesions, often with a narrow dark resinous mark or band, were first recognised in winter of 2008 in plantation forests on the(More)
Phytophthora plant pathogens cause tremendous damage in planted and natural systems worldwide. Phosphite is one of the only effective chemicals to control broad-scale Phytophthora disease. Little work has been done on the phytotoxic effects of phosphite application on plant communities especially in combination with plant physiological impacts. Here, we(More)
Red needle cast (RNC) is a new needle disease of Pinus radiata D. Don (radiata pine) in New Zealand that is causing significant, but as-yet un-quantified, loss of growth and productivity. This foliar disease has recently been attributed to the infection of the needles by Phytophthora pluvialis Reeser, Sutton & E Hansen. Genetic improvement is seen as a(More)
Phosphorous acid is being investigated as a fungicide for the management of a needle disease caused by Phytophthora pluvialis in Pinus radiata in New Zealand. However, little is known about the penetration characteristics of this fungicide into Pinus radiata foliage. This study was undertaken to determine: i) the penetration characteristics of a commercial(More)
Contents 1314 I. 1315 II. 1316 III. 1322 IV. 1323 V. 1325 VI. 1326 VII. 1326 VIII. 1327 1328 References 1328 SUMMARY: Invasions of alien plants are typically studied as invasions of individual species, yet interactions between plants and symbiotic fungi (mutualists and potential pathogens) affect plant survival, physiological traits, and reproduction and(More)
Phytophthora pluvialis Reeser, W.L. Sutton & E.M. Hansen is the cause of a newly described disease, red needle cast, in certain stands of Pinus radiata D. Don in New Zealand that experience periodic foliage browning, while Phytophthora kernoviae Brasier, Beales & Kirk is also infrequently isolated from symptomatic needles. Studies were undertaken to test(More)
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