Nargol Faravashi

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Antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT) delivers chemotherapeutic agents in high concentration to tumor tissue while minimizing systemic drug exposure. beta-Lactamases are particularly useful enzymes for ADEPT systems due to their unique substrate specificity that allows the activation of a variety of lactam-based prodrugs with minimal interference(More)
Human CD4+ T-cell epitopes were identified in interferon-beta (IFN-β)-1b. A prominent peptide epitope region was found that induced a proliferative response in 16% of all donors tested. Responses corresponded to the presence of the HLA-DR2 haplotype. Responsive donors expressing the HLA-DQ6 allele showed an increased level of proliferation to the epitope as(More)
A human cell-based method to identify functional CD4(+) T-cell epitopes in any protein has been developed. Proteins are tested as synthetic 15-mer peptides offset by three amino acids. Percent responses within a large donor population are tabulated for each peptide in the set. Peptide epitope regions are designated by difference in response frequency from(More)
A method to rank proteins based on their relative immunogenicity has been devised. A statistical analysis of peptide-specific responses in large human donor pools provides a structure index value metric that ranked four industrial enzymes in the order determined by both mouse and guinea pig exposure models. The ranking method also compared favorably with(More)
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