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OBJECTIVE We sought to study and procure reference values for weight-related maximum isometric grip force (MIGF), maximum voluntary force in relation to body weight (Fmvrel) and peak whole body stiffness (pKwb) in multiple one-legged hopping (m1LH) in childhood. METHODS We examined 868 children and adolescents (436 female) aged 3 to 19 yrs. Weight related(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to procure age- and gender- related reference data and study the characteristics of body weight related peak force (pFrel), body mass related peak power (pPrel) for counter movement jumps (single two-legged jumps, s2LJ) and chair rising tests (CRT) in children. METHODS We examined 868 healthy participants (436 female) aged 3 to 19(More)
The World Health Organization in WHA58.28 e-Health Resolution has called upon the use of low-cost information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the quality of service delivery in low and middle income countries and to build up health worker's capacity especially at the primary healthcare (PHC) level. Thanks to market demands and technological(More)
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