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Multi-modal registration is a fundamental step for many medical imaging procedures. In this paper, the sum of conditional variance (SCV) similarity measure is proposed for 3D multi-modal medical image registration. The SCV similarity measure is based on minimizing the sum of conditional variances that are calculated using the joint histogram of the two(More)
Microstrip patch antenna becomes very popular day by day because of its ease of analysis and fabrication, low cost, light weight, easy to feed and their attractive radiation characteristics. Although patch antenna has numerous advantages, it has also some drawbacks such as restricted bandwidth, low gain and a potential decrease in radiation pattern. In(More)
Multi-modal medical image registration is an important processing step for extracting the maximum amount of information from multi-modal medical images. In this paper, to perform image registration of CT and MRI data volumes, we use the sum-of-conditional variance (SCV) similarity measure which utilizes the joint probability distribution of two images and(More)
Path mapping and finding the desired path for a mobile cleaning robot in order to perform cleaning efficiently is a difficult task. Moreover, in complex indoor environments, avoiding collision with other furniture or equipment is a big problem for mobile cleaning robot. In the case wireless control link should be robust for accurate moving along the desired(More)
Multi-modal medical image registration provides complementary information from the fusion of various medical imaging modalities. This paper presents a volume based multi-modal affine registration algorithm to register images acquired using different magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) modes. In the proposed algorithm, the sum-of-conditional variance (SCV)(More)
Whiplash is the colloquial term for neck injuries caused by sudden extension of the cervical spine. Patients with chronic whiplash associated disorder (WAD) can experience neck pain for many years after the original injury. Researchers have found some evidence to suggest that chronic whiplash is related to the amount of intra-muscular fat in the cervical(More)
During acquisition of brain Magnetic Resonance images (MRI), spatial distortion may occur due to hardware imperfection of the scanning device, movement of patients, etc. which makes image registration an important area of research in medical imaging. In this paper, one reference image is used to align another scanned MR image accordingly. Here the global(More)
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