Narges Norouzi

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In this paper, we propose a signal processing method of assessing the severity tremors caused by alcohol withdrawal (AW) syndrome. We have developed an iOS application to calculate the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA) score which captures iPod movements using the built-in accelerometer in order to reliably estimate the tremor severity(More)
Apart from the breast milk, infant formula and baby weaning food have a special role in infant diet. Infants and young children are very susceptible to amount of trace elements. Copper and zinc are two elements that add in infant food. Lead and cadmium are heavy metals that enter to food chain unavoidably. DPASV is a benefit and applicable method for(More)
This paper evaluates the relation between Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome tremors in the left and right hands of patients. By analyzing 122 recordings from 61 patients in emergency departments, we found a weak relationship between the left and right hand tremor frequencies (correlation coefficient of 0.63). We found a much stronger relationship between the(More)
A vehicle routing problem is a significant problem that has attracted great attention from researchers in recent years. The main objectives of the vehicle routing problem are to minimize the traveled distance, total traveling time, number of vehicles and cost function of transportation. Reducing these variables leads to decreasing the total cost and(More)
In this paper, we propose a heart-rate measurement system employing triple sensing mechanisms (face color changes, finger color changes, and heart sound measurment) on an iPhone. The three proposed measurement systems each provide an independent heart-rate estimate as well as a combined heart-rate estimate based on the fusion of the individual sensors.(More)
In this paper a new multi-objective mathematical model for the vehicle routing problem is presented in which the total travel times and total travel distance are minimized in a time-dependent situation. Moreover, driver satisfaction is maximized based on balancing the distribution of goods in view of the limited vehicle capacities. Since the vehicle routing(More)
In this paper, a new mathematical model for a time-dependent vehicle routing problem (TDVRP) is introduced as one of the sub-problems in the green VRP field. The model results in reducing carbon emissions by minimizing travel times, while congested routes are avoided and customers are served at the time of the day with an optimized speed. Hence, this paper(More)
In this paper, we have introduced a novel method to extract involuntary tremor movement activity in patients with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). Using the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD), we show that the variations of energy of the tremor and voluntary activity can be distinguished in different Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMF) of the recorded tremor(More)