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Mites of the Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata) from Zanjan vicinities and description of male of Stigmaeus shabestariensis
Raphignathoid mites are important biological control agents of spider and eriophyid mites, and scale insects in agriculture and forestry and was the abundant mite species in Zanjan vicinities in collected specimens.
Nurse Managers' experiences as an agent for change
It was showed that most nurse managers have some experiences of change state as a change agent and since hospitals and health centers are in direct contact with people of all social groups and their activities benefit the public, nurses should pay more attention to health care development and change.
Incidence of Phlebitis Associated With Peripheral Venous Catheter of Patients With COVID-19
This study highlights the importance of knowing the carrier and removal status of canine coronavirus as a source of infection for humans and also highlights the need for continued research and education in this area.