Naresh N Mahamuni

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Two things are needed for any technology to be suitable for use in the industry, viz. 1. Technical feasibility and 2. Economical feasibility. The use of ultrasound for waste water treatment has been shown to be technically feasible by numerous reports in the literature over the years. But there are hardly any exhaustive reports which address the issue of(More)
Sonication for phenol degradation has proved to be an attractive process over the years at least on a laboratory scale but the rates of phenol degradation under sonication have always been quite low. The present work investigates the use of simple additives such as salt and carbon tetrachloride as process intensifying parameters with an aim of reduction in(More)
The present work aims at developing a new process to selectively synthesize sulfoxide from sulfides using ultrasound. Methyl phenyl sulfide (MPS) has been taken as a model reactant. The reaction has been carried out in ultrasonic bath with an operating frequency of 22 kHz and maximum power supply of 120 W with an actual power dissipation of approximately 40(More)
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