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The Regional Haze Rule of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates reduction in U.S. anthropogenic emissions to achieve linear improvement of visibility in wilderness areas over the 2004-2018 period toward an endpoint of natural visibility conditions by 2064. Linear improvement is to apply to the mean visibility on the statistically 20% worst days,(More)
Using 1 year of aerosol optical thickness (AOT) retrievals from the MODerate resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS) on board NASA's Terra and Aqua satellite along with ground measurements of PM 2.5 mass concentration, we assess particulate matter air quality over different locations across the global urban areas spread over 26 locations in Sydney,(More)
BACKGROUND Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] is an important legume crop of rainfed agriculture. Despite of concerted research efforts directed to pigeonpea improvement, stagnated productivity of pigeonpea during last several decades may be accounted to prevalence of various biotic and abiotic constraints and the situation is exacerbated by(More)
PPARγ is the functioning receptor for the thiazolidinedione (TZD) class of antidiabetes drugs including rosiglitazone and pioglitazone. These drugs are full classical agonists for this nuclear receptor, but recent data have shown that many PPARγ-based drugs have a separate biochemical activity, blocking the obesity-linked phosphorylation of PPARγ by Cdk5.(More)
Lentil (Lens culinaris ssp. culinaris), is a self-pollinating diploid (2n = 2x = 14), cool-season legume crop and is consumed worldwide as a rich source of protein (~24.0%), largely in vegetarian diets. Here we report development of a genetic linkage map of Lens using 114 F2 plants derived from the intersubspecific cross between L 830 and ILWL 77. RAPD(More)
BACKGROUND There are conflicting reports regarding the effect of exercise on cognition. We therefore planned to assess the acute effect of moderate exercise on cognition, studied by event-related brain potential P300, in subjects having sedentary lifestyles. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty adults (40 males and 20 females) in the age-group of 18-30 years(More)
The snow and rain in the Himalayas are the main sources of supply for the rivers in the Indo-Gangetic plains. Irrigation, hydropower generation, and water supply are very much dependent on the availability of water in the Himalaya rivers. Mathematical models serve as important aids for the estimation of water availability in rivers. In the present study the(More)
AIM To investigate whether the use of an oxidizing mouth rinse as an adjunct to chlorhexidine is efficacious in reducing stains and plaque. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study had a single-blind, three-group (n = 35 each) parallel design, including a 21 days experimental period during which group I rinsed with chlorhexidine (CHX) 0.2% alone, group II used(More)
Stress is a state of threatened homeostasis that produces different physiological as well as pathological changes depending on severity, type and duration of stress. The animal models are pivotal for understanding the pathophysiology of stress-induced behavioral alterations and development of effective therapy for its optimal management. A battery of models(More)