Naresh Kumar Mehta

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Denture-induced stomatitis is a recognized clinical challenge. The responsible microorganisms have not been delineated and may differ among regions of the United States. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to identify the microorganisms found in dentures from 2 geographic regions. MATERIAL AND METHODS Previously worn dentures from(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Although there are many product claims that address the issue of denture sanitization, controlled scientific studies on previously worn dentures have not been performed. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate procedures directed at sanitizing previously worn contaminated dentures from two regions of the United States. (More)
The particles in nearly monodisperse sols of polystyrene in water need small amounts of adsorbed emulsifier to combat aggregation tendencies. These sols are used in the calibration of many different types of instrument including instruments capable of measuring angular light scattering functions. Using an IBM 360-40 computer with extended precision on all(More)
In the present study the effect of ice storage on physico-chemical and functional properties of proteins from Indian major carps with special emphasis on gel forming ability have been assessed for a period of 22 days. The solubility profile of proteins in high ionic strength buffer and calcium adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) enzyme activity reduced(More)
Ascochyta blight caused by Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Labrousse is a major biotic constraint in production of chickpea. In the present investigation, all chickpea genotypes [E100Y (m), Gaurav, Pb-7 and L550] induced 100% callus on standard medium with greenish colour and fragile structure. These calli were used for in vitro screening against pathogen, A.(More)
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