Naresh K. Bhatti

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N-detect test has been shown to have a higher likelihood for detecting defects. However, traditional definitions of N-detect test do not necessarily exploit the localized characteristics of defects. In physically-aware N-detect test, the objective is to ensure that the N tests establish N different logical states on the signal lines that are in the physical(More)
Physically-aware <i>N</i>-detect (<i>PAN</i>-detect) test improves defect coverage by exploiting defect locality. This paper presents physically-aware test selection (PATS) to efficiently generate <i>PAN</i>-detect tests for large industrial designs. Compared to traditional <i>N</i>-detect test, the quality resulting from <i>PAN</i>-detect is enhanced(More)
Various aromatic molecules can behave as electron donors and form molecular complexes with electron acceptor molecules such as halogens, mitrocompounds and quinones. Extensive works have been carried out to elucidate the nature of intermolecular interactions in these molecular complexes. Mulliken has developed the theory of the intermolecular CT(More)
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