Naresh Bhatia

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Several studies from our laboratory have shown the cancer chemopreventive and anti-carcinogenic effects of silymarin, a flavonoid antioxidant isolated from milk thistle, in long-term tumorigenesis models and in human prostate, breast and cervical carcinoma cells. Since silymarin is composed mainly of silibinin with small amounts of other stereoisomers of(More)
Silibinin, quercetin, and epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) have been shown to be skin cancer-preventive agents, albeit by several different mechanisms. Here, we assessed whether these agents show their cancer-preventive potential by a differential effect on mitogenic signaling molecules and cell cycle regulators. Treatment of human epidermoid carcinoma(More)
Accidents with foreign bodies (FBs) are most common within the first two years of life. The airway FBs present a diagnostic dilemma as both the history and the investigations can be misleading. The persistent hypoxia presents a threat to life as does extraction. Moreover, the chemical pneumonitis induced by vegetative FB makes the situation even more worse.(More)
Serum mucoprotein level was determined in 61 individuals including 36 untreated patients of carcinoma Larynx & Pharynx and 25 healthy adults. Patients were treated by standard doses of radiation. Serum mucoprotein was again estimated following therapy. Patients showed a highly significant elevation in serum mucoprotein level as compared to controls(More)
BACKGROUND Targeting epigenetic events associated with autonomous growth of advanced prostate cancer (PCA) is a practical approach for its control, prevention, and treatment. Recently we showed that treatment of prostate carcinoma DU145 cells with cancer preventive flavonoid silymarin at 100-200 microM doses inhibits erbB1-Shc mitogenic signaling and(More)
The present study was carried on adolescents suffering from chronic tonsillitis. Blood (pre and post tonsillectomy) as well as tonsil samples were evaluated for -MDA, SOD and Catalase. Our results showed a decrease in level of MDA and increase in SOD and Catalase levels post tonsillectomy. Presence of MDA and SOD in tonsillar tissue reinforce involvement of(More)
PURPOSE To review the results of patients who underwent arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) via a single incision technique using a bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft. METHODS Patients with ACL-deficient knees who were symptomatic and wanted to maintain an active lifestyle or continue sporting activities were included. ACL(More)
The present study was carried on forty-five patients of confirmed hypothyroidism. Complete clinical examination and laboratory investigations were done regarding audiological and vestibular system. It was found that hypothyroidism affects the ear at multiple sites producing various types of hearing impairment viz. conductive, sensorineural and mixed.(More)
Cystic swellings of the neck in children have limited differential diagnoses, often either lymphatic or vascular malformations. Other cystic inflammations can be the result of tuberculous abscesses, suppurated lymph nodes and actinomycosis. Microfilaria causing lmphadenovarix of head-neck region has not yet been described in the literature. A 10-year-old(More)