Narendran Sivakumar

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Energy efficiency in wireless sensor network [WSN] is the highly important role for the researchers. Transmission power control is a highly powerful technique for minimize the interference and energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. Wireless Sensor Networks have many nodes are connected to the network to calculate the network performance like(More)
To provide trustworthy and timely information is the most important tasks of wireless sensor networks. Providing quality of service (QoS) to satisy the end users and matching WSN constraints, has become an significant research work. Nevertheless, majority of research in this area has overlooked the fact that ensures the QoS requires a cross-layer approach(More)
Waste management is a pressing issue in the urban, industrial and rural areas of the world. Improper handling of these wastes leads to compounded problems to the environment. In this paper, using the concept of automation we propose a spot segregation unit that effectively separates various categories of refuses generated by the municipalities. Using this(More)
Testing is one of the important and indispensable activities of software development life cycle. Software testing makes sure that the developed software satisfies all the customer requirements and executes without error. More researches in the field of software testing are carried out in academic as well as in industry so as to improve the testing process.(More)
Abstract—A new model for online machine learning process of high speed data stream is proposed, to minimize the severe restrictions associated with the existing computer learning algorithms. Most of the existing models have three principle steps. In the first step, the system would create a model incrementally. In the second step the time taken by the(More)
A MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is a collection of self-governing mobile nodes that can communicate to each other through wireless links. These are fully distributed networks and can be work at any place without any pre-existing infrastructure. Many protocols are available for such type of Networks. AODVv2-02 is a revised version of AODVv2 (also known as(More)
A business problem for the telecommunication companies is to provide an appropriate promotional coupon to suitable customers. This problem leads to the challenge of identifying behavioral patterns of customers and deliver the right customer engagement at the right time. So there is a need for a system that can enable the telecommunication companies to go(More)