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— Clustering is an important research area for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) as it increases the capacity of network, reduces the routing overhead and makes the network more scalable in the presence of both high mobility and a large number of mobile nodes. In clustering the clusterhead manage and store recent routing information. However the frequent(More)
Routing Algorithms are driving the growth of the data transmission in wireless sensor networks. Contextually, many algorithms considered the data gathering and data aggregation. This paper uses the scenario of clustering and its impact over the SPIN protocol and also finds out the effect over the energy consumption in SPIN after uses of clustering. The(More)
Routing Algorithms are driving the growth of the data transmission in wireless sensor network. Contextually, many algorithms proposed for efficient data transferring. This paper uses the scenario and node distribution across the Battle field in India. This Paper uses clustering algorithms to send the data over different geographic region. During the Battle,(More)
There are many routing algorithms proposed for the data transmission in wireless sensor network. This paper uses the scenario and nodes distribution as a data set. This Paper uses spectral clustering algorithms to send the data over different geographic region. This paper is essential to enable the cluster head based selection scheme used in battle field(More)
Security has always been a great concern whenever there is communication between sender and receiver. To overcome the issues of security breaches many cryptographic algorithms are used like: AES, DES, Triple DES, Blowfish, etc. The objective of this paper is to enhance and evaluate the Blowfish algorithm on the basis of different parameters like Encryption(More)
This paper presents a scheme, in which the collaborative efforts of limited number of sensor nodes provide the social guidance for localization process to be used for uniform distribution of the clusters, over the network area. Utilizing the information provided in the form of gbest value and the direction for position update as social guidance, the sensor(More)
Non uniform energy consumption of the nodes is a major area of concern in cluster based data gathering architectures proposed for wireless sensor networks in the literature and is an active area of research over recent past years. The solutions suggested in the literature, for uniform distribution of energy consumption, require rotation of clusterhead role(More)
During the routing, Data is collected from the all sensor nodes, in result, the sensor nodes located closer to sink node have to receive and transmit not only their own data but also data from other sensor nodes, which are further sent to sink. It leads to the fact that the nearest sensor nodes fail much earlier than remote ones, In the long run, traffic(More)
In today's information scenario, processing of data for exact knowledge has become a very important but critical task for the researchers and organizations. Involvement of Big Data and real time streaming data makes the data processing more challenging in order to extract and to visualize the exact data. In the most popular social media portals that(More)