Narendra Singh Thakur

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In this paper, we derive few new quasi-orthogonal space-time block codes for four transmit antennas. These codes differ from each other and existing codes in character matrices and/or correlated values in character matrices. These codes can be constructed using elementary sub-matrices. We also derive corresponding maximum-likelihood decoders for the(More)
BACKGROUND Private Practitioners (PP) are the primary source of health care for patients in India. Limited representative information is available on TB management practices of Indian PP or on the efficacy of India's Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) to improve the quality of TB management through training of PP. METHODS We conducted(More)
To estimate the population mean using auxiliary variable there are many estimators available in literature likeratio, product, regression, dual-to-ratio estimator and so on. Suppose that all the information of the main variable is present in the sample but only a part of data of the auxiliary variable is available. Then, in this case none of the above(More)
To estimate the population mean with imputation, i.e. the technique of substituting missing data, there are a number of techniques available in literature like Ratio method of imputation, Compromised method of imputation, Mean method of imputation, Ahmed’s methods of imputation, F-T methods of imputation and so on. If population mean of auxiliary(More)
ISSN 2277-1956/V1N3-1260-1266 MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS USING GA Narendra Thakur 1 ,Ritu Chauhan 2 ,Bipin Kumar 3 Lecturer, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering Gwalior Engineering College, Gwalior HOD, Department of Computer Science & Engineering Chandravati Group of Institutions, Bharatpur Lecturer, Department of Computer Science & Engineering(More)
Introduction: In human heart, right atrio-ventricular orifice is guarded by tricuspid valve, which lies at the junction of right atrium and right ventricle of the heart controlling and directing unidirectional blood flow during ventricular diastole. Irreparable damage to tricuspid valve calls for its replacement using prosthetic valves. Prosthesis of these(More)
Missing data is a problem encountered in almost every data collection activity but particularly in sample survey. The missing data naturally occurs in sample surveys when some, not all sampling units refuse or unable to participate in the survey or when data for specific items on a questionnaire completed for an otherwise cooperating unit are missing.(More)
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