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A novel coupling metrics measure difference between inheritance and interface to find better OOP paradigm using C#
A large numbers of metrics have been proposed for measuring properties of object-oriented software such as size, inheritance, cohesion and coupling. Expand
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A Novel Class, Object and Inheritance based Coupling Measure (COICM) to Find Better OOP Paradigm using JAVA
The extent of coupling and cohesion in an object-oriented system has implications for its external quality. Various static coupling and cohesion metrics have been proposed and used in past empiricalExpand
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MCQ-TC: Mobility, Connectivity& Quality Based Dynamic Topology Control in MANET
Wireless network is getting popular day by day because of its supportive technologies and wide range of device applicability. Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is one of such network which communicatesExpand
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Simulation Analysis of MCQ Based Topology Control in MANET Using NS2
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is the wireless network where the communication and routing is independent from the infrastructural components and devices. Apart from them, all the functionalities wereExpand
Analysis of Cohesion and Coupling Metrics for Object Oriented System
In software engineering modularization is way to divide software project in to multiple independent and discrete modules. Expand
Comparison of compliance and response rate of radiotherapy alone vs. chemo radiotherapy in stage IIIB carcinoma cervix patients having obstructive uropathy
Background: Carcinoma cervix is the second most common malignancy among females of India (1) . The low incidence rate in developed countries is because of well-developed screening programs andExpand
A Proposal on Geo Position Estimation
communication is a revolution now in these days. Engineers and scientists are continually exploring the new possibilities for improving more and more for suitable way of communication. During thisExpand