Narendra Kumar Kamila

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The feature selection addresses the issue of developing accurate models for classification in data mining. The aggregated data collection from distributed environment for feature selection makes the problem of accessing the relevant inputs of individual data records. Preserving the privacy of individual data is often critical issue in distributed data(More)
This paper explores the possibility of classification based on Pareto multi-objective optimization. The efforts on solving optimization problems using the Pareto-based MOO methodology have gained increasing impetus on comparison of selected constraints. Moreover we have different types of classification problem based on optimization model like single(More)
This paper proposes a layered modular architecture to adaptively perform data mining tasks in large sensor networks. The architecture consists in a lower layer which performs data aggregation in a modular fashion and in an upper layer which employs an adaptive local learning technique to extract a prediction model from the aggregated information. The(More)
Monitoring ports, harbors and oceanic territories is gaining huge interest especially to combat military crisis, smuggling and terrorist activities. Underwater Wireless Sensor Network can be a viable solution for tracking objects like trespassing ships approaching a harbor and monitoring the activities on the ocean surfaces. In this paper we have proposed a(More)
This paper proposed a local privacy preserving for feature selection in decentralized distributed environment. It considered each peer performed about own computation for feature selection with its own privacy constraints in decentralized way. The sum amount of records of each peer was checked by sum of each individual sub-feature with respect to feature(More)
It is a challenging task for all Harbors or Naval Administration to restrict and monitor the movement of defense or commercial ships. Most commonly used techniques of monitoring are radars and satellite images. These techniques are not reliable as radars can be turned off voluntarily and receptions of images are affected by adverse climatic conditions. This(More)
This paper proposes a vehicle detection system for identifying the moving vehicles at night which is far distance away by locating their rear-lights in the road. Many advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), such as collision mitigation, automatic cruise control (ACC) and automatic headlamp dimming were proposed by many researchers for driver assistance.(More)
This paper addresses the selection of sub-feature from each feature using fuzzy methodologies maintaining the privacy during collection of data from participating parties in distributed environment. Based on fuzzy random variables conditional expectation is used in which two fuzzy sets are generated using Borel set that helps to determine sub-feature within(More)
Meta-cognition allows one to monitor and adaptively control cognitive processes. It guides people to select, evaluate, revise, and abandon cognitive tasks, goals, and strategies. Also, meta-cognition can play an important role in human-like software agents. It includes meta-cognitive knowledge, meta cognitive monitoring, and meta cognitive regulation. The(More)