Narendra Kumar Gupta

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Collection fusion is a data fusion problem in which the results of retrieval runs on separate, autonomous document collections must be merged to produce a single, effective result. This paper explores two collection fusion techniques that learn the rmrnber of documents to retrieve from each collection using only the ranked lists of documents returned in(More)
fiepaper investigates the improvement of local minima of the Hopjeld network. A local minima escape algorithm (LIUE algorithm), is proposed for improving local minima of small-scale networks. Experiments on traveling salesman problems (TSP) show that the LIUE algorithm is an eflcient algorithm in improving the local minima, and the comparison with the(More)
In this paper we describe an Information Retrieval problem called collection fusion. The collection fusion problem is to maximize the number of relevant natural language documents retrieved given: a natural language query, multiple collections of documents, and a fixed total number of documents to retrieve. We describe two algorithms that use past queries(More)
Social media contains many types of information which is useful to businesses. In this paper we discuss automatic extraction from twitter data the descriptions of problems consumer experience with products and services. We first identify the problem tweets i.e. the tweets containing descriptions of problems. We the extract the phrases that describe the(More)
There is enough evidence that social media contains timely information that businesses could use to their benefits. In this paper we discuss automatic extraction of descriptions of problems from twit-ter data. More specifically we present a system that filters tweets related to an enterprise and extracts descriptions of problems with their product/service.(More)
Condition monitoring applications deploying the usage of impact acoustic techniques are mostly done intuitively by skilled personnel. In this article, a pattern recognition approach is taken to automate such intuitive human skills for the development of more robust and reliable testing methods. The focus of this work is to use the approach as a part of a(More)