Narendra Kumar Gupta

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Collection fusion is a data fusion problem in which the results of retrieval runs on separate, autonomous document collections must be merged to produce a single, effective result. This paper explores two collection fusion techniques that learn the rmrnber of documents to retrieve from each collection using only the ranked lists of documents returned in(More)
In this paper we describe an Information Retrieval problem called collection fusion. The collection fusion problem is to maximize the number of relevant natural language documents retrieved given: a natural language query, multiple collections of documents, and a fixed total number of documents to retrieve. We describe two algorithms that use past queries(More)
Studies of visual evoked potentials in head injuries have all utilized the flash stimulus. We studied the efficacy of monocular pattern-shift visual evoked potentials (PSVEPs) in eliciting residual dysfunction of the visual pathways in 33 patients 6 to 24 months after head injury. Those with ocular trauma or ocular pathology were not included. Abnormal(More)
Social media contains many types of information which is useful to businesses. In this paper we discuss automatic extraction from twitter data the descriptions of problems consumer experience with products and services. We first identify the problem tweets i.e. the tweets containing descriptions of problems. We the extract the phrases that describe the(More)
Robust spoken language understanding in large-scale conversational dialog applications is usually performed by classification of the user utterances into one or many semantic classes. The features used for classification are sensitive to variations caused by artifacts of spoken language, such as edits, repairs and other dys-fluencies. Furthermore, the(More)
There is enough evidence that social media contains timely information that businesses could use to their benefits. In this paper we discuss automatic extraction of descriptions of problems from twit-ter data. More specifically we present a system that filters tweets related to an enterprise and extracts descriptions of problems with their product/service.(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria is a Protozoal disease caused by infection with parasites of the genus Plasmodium and transmitted to man by certain species of infected female Anopheline mosquito. In 2008 there were 1.52 million cases of malaria in India, out of which 0.76 million case of Plasmodium falciparum, comprising 50% of total malaria cases. There were 924 deaths(More)