Narendra H Patel

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Platelet concentrates made from cell separators are used more frequently due to less donor exposure and leucodepletion. This retrospective study was done to compare plateletpheresis done on two cell separators: Baxter CS 3000 plus and Haemonetics MCS 3p. Plateletpheresis procedures, done from January 1997 to April 2002, were included in the study. One(More)
BACKGROUND Mini-subvastus approach for Total Knee Arthropalsty allows a faster recovery. It is traditionally not utilized for obese patients because of difficulty in exposure of the knee and eversion of the patella. We hypothesized that obesity should not really cause a problem for patients undergoing a TKA with the mini-subvastus approach as the anatomy of(More)
Heart rate control is crucial for diagnostic accuracy and proper image quality of CTCA. A lower heart rate reduces coronary artery movement artifacts by increasing the length of diastolic phase, thereby improving image quality as blood stay longer in vessels. Despite wide spread use of β-blockers ,it has been difficult to achieve target heart rates in(More)
The basic goal of region of interest (ROI) based compression for medical image is to enhance the compression efficiency for transmission and storage.Main goal of Region of interest(ROI) compression is to compressROI with supreme quality as compared to other region called Background. For an example, while compressing medical image the diagnostically(More)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research Available online at © Copyright protected. Unauthorised republication, reproduction, distribution, dissemination and copying of this document in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid statistical feature extractor, Local Haar Mean Binary Pattern (LHMBP). It extracts level-1 haar approximation coefficients and computes Local Mean Binary Pattern (LMBP) of it. LMBP code of pixel is obtained by weighting the thresholded neighbor value of 3  3 patch on its mean. LHMBP produces highly discriminative code(More)
Clinicians often resent behavioral health managed care peer reviews. However, such reviews need not be onerous. This Open Forum, written by managed care physician reviewers, attempts to help attending psychiatrists, specifically those on inpatient units, achieve more satisfying outcomes for patients by adhering to a few basic principles. Beyond the(More)
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