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alpha-Conotoxins are peptide neurotoxins isolated from venomous cone snails that display exquisite selectivity for different subtypes of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). They are valuable research tools that have profound implications in the discovery of new drugs for a myriad of neuropharmacological conditions. They are characterized by a(More)
A biometric system is basically a pattern recognition system. Biometrics based user authentication system serve as a reliable means for meeting the challenges in today's world of information and network security. It has gained enormous interest by scientists and researchers. Unimodal biometric systems that employ only a single biometric trait fails to(More)
A multiple criteria approach is presented, that is used to perform a comparative analysis of four recently developed combinatorial libraries to drugs, Molecular Libraries Small Molecule Repository (MLSMR) and natural products. The compound databases were assessed in terms of physicochemical properties, scaffolds, and fingerprints. The approach enables the(More)
As novel and drug-resistant bacterial strains continue to present an emerging health threat, the development of new antibacterial agents is critical. This includes making improvements to existing antibacterial scaffolds as well as identifying novel ones. The aim of this study is to apply a Bayesian classification QSAR approach to rapidly screen chemical(More)
Polypharmacology has emerged as a new theme in drug discovery. In this paper, we studied polypharmacology using a ligand-based target fishing (LBTF) protocol. To implement the protocol, we first generated a chemogenomic database that links individual protein targets with a specified set of drugs or target representatives. Target profiles were then generated(More)
Software engineering was introduced to cope with software crisis with two fundamental principles: separation of concerns and modularity. Many programming paradigms have been proposed and used while considering the fundamental principles from the early days. Complex software systems were successfully modularized but complete separation of concerns is still(More)
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), is a medicinal and oil-yielding, multi-purpose species of the family Simmondsiaceae. The most valuable product of jojoba seed is the liquid wax or jojoba oil which is used extensively in the cosmetic and bio-fuel industry. Propagation of jojoba is possible using conventional methods, but it is time consuming and cumbersome(More)
BACKGROUND The current chemical space of known small molecules is estimated to exceed 1060 structures. Though the largest physical compound repositories contain only a few tens of millions of unique compounds, virtual screening of databases of this size is still difficult. In recent years, the application of physicochemical descriptor-based profiling, such(More)
In the future, we may be faced with the need to provide treatment for an emergent biological threat against which existing vaccines and drugs have limited efficacy or availability. To prepare for this eventuality, our objective was to use a metabolic network-based approach to rapidly identify potential drug targets and prospectively screen and validate(More)
A bioinoculation experiment was performed to see the effect of inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on post-transplanting performance and growth enhancement of micropropagated plantlets of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. The dominant AMF Glomus mosseae and Acaulospora laevis were isolated from the rhizosphere soil of G. glabra and mass produced in(More)