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BACKGROUND Facial expressions are important in facilitating human communication and interactions. Also, they are used as an important tool in behavioural studies and in medical rehabilitation. Facial image based mood detection techniques may provide a fast and practical approach for non-invasive mood detection. The purpose of the present study was to(More)
Dysphagia is a disorder of the swallowing mechanism and presents a major problem in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and head injured patients. The authors have identified several biomechanical parameters that characterize the oral musculature and have developed techniques to quantify these parameters in normal and dysphagic patients. These parameters(More)
Biological signals are complex and often require intelligent systems for recognition of characteristic signals. In order to improve the reliability of the recognition or automated diagnostic systems, hybrid fuzzy logic committee neural networks were developed and the system was used for recognition of swallow acceleration signals from artifacts. Two sets of(More)
Growing importance of telesurgery has led to the need for the development of synergistic control of anthropomorphic teleoperators. Synergistic systems can be developed using direct biological control. The purpose of this study was to develop techniques for direct biocontrol of anthropomorphic teleoperators using surface electromyogram (EMG). A computer(More)
Security is a major problem in web based access or remote access to data bases. In the present study, the technique of committee neural networks was developed for speech based speaker verification. Speech data from the designated speaker and several imposters were obtained. Several parameters were extracted in the time and frequency domains, and fed to(More)
Mechanical stresses developed in the tissue during sitting or reclining could cause bedsores in paralyzed individuals. Cushions are usually prescribed to redistribute the stresses. Two two-dimensional physical models of the buttock were developed and used to study whether the stress distribution is different with round- and flat-base bone core geometries(More)
Lymphocytes which become sensitised at the periphery travel to the regional lymph nodes where they initiate an immunological response by increasing the production of immuno-competent lymphocytes. These lymphocytes migrate into the tissues via the blood stream and bring about the destruction of target cells. These notions, in the present analysis, are(More)
Accelerometry represents a noninvasive technique for the assessment of the swallowing mechanism. However, the underlying physiological events that give rise to the acceleration signal are poorly understood. In the present study, the acceleration signal was measured simultaneously during videofluorography examination. Preliminary results revealed that the(More)
Interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) distribution generated as a result of externally applied pressure (EAP) may play an important role in the etiology of decubitus ulcers. In the forelimbs of 10 thiopental sodium-anesthetized Yorkshire pigs, weighing 16-20 kg, we placed wick catheters 2-5 mm below the skin. After equilibration, we applied a pediatric cuff and(More)