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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the extent of intrapartum intervention received by primigravidas. DESIGN Cross sectional survey of NHS hospitals in the UK. SETTING One hundred and one randomly selected hospital maternity units. PARTICIPANTS Forty consecutive primigravid women, judged to be at low risk at the start of labour, in each hospital. MAIN(More)
There are four classes of antiretroviral agents used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Adverse effects to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) are common and often difficult to avoid. In many cases, research is not able to identify the exact cause of an adverse event. The severity of adverse reactions varies greatly and difficult to manage; typically(More)
Members of the multidisciplinary steering group are listed at the end of this report. Abstract Objective-To determine the prevalence of HIV among pregnant women, in particular those whose behaviour or that of their partners put them at "low risk" of infection. Design-Voluntary named or anonymous HIV testing of pregnant women during 21 months (November 1988(More)
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